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    Foreign Students Association

    The Foreign    Students Union, Hunan Normal University

    The    Foreign Students Union of Hunan Normal University, under the leadership of    Foreign Students Administration Section of Office of International Exchange    and Cooperation, is a autonomous organization dedicated service to all    students of the university.
       The Foreign Students Union is committed to the harmonious communication for    the university foreign students, with teachers, Chinese students and other    foreign students, and to create opportunities and provide effective    services. It is also committed itself to the elimination of various    barriers caused by the lack of effective communication and exchange or    misunderstanding. And it is also committed to the friendly Sino-foreign    cultural exchanges and distinctive, infectious student's construction of    campus culture. And it is also committed to enhancing student's normal    sense of ownership and Hunan Normal University students' responsibility,    creating a cultural exchange messenger between China and foreign countries.    

    Permanent    mechanism for students is the presidium, functional departments, and the    secretary-general.

    The    Administration members Foreign Students Union (1st Session)

    The    Administration members Foreign Students Union (2nd Session)

    Chairman    : Biankazi Tresor Biantoadi, male, The Democratic Republic of    Congo
    Vice Chairman : Sri Mustika Haryati, female,    Indonesia
    Office Administrator : Quoctrung    Nguyen, male, Vietnam
    Head of Department of Study : Maxim Potapov,    male, Russia
    Head of Department of Finance : Yesim Atis,    female, Turkey
    Head of Department of Activities :    Sandoval Daniel, male, Canada




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